In 2017, a final culmination of the series took place with the 20th art exhibition. The anniversary show featured twenty-five paintings by Giovanni Giacometti in the gymnasium, along with works by Hodler, Vallotton, Moilliet, Zünd, Biéler and sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle. The exhibition was visited by more visitors than ever before. At the same time, the organisation reached its limits. In the course of the three weeks of the exhibition, some people thought that it could not go on like this. At the same time, many deserving board members, including the long-standing president, expressed their wish to step down. At the 2017 AGM, there was talk of a conclusion and a climax, and a committee was entrusted with the task of looking for new ideas and activities. However, the search was not successful. Every idea paled in comparison to the art exhibition, and cultural offerings that already existed were not to be copied. In the end, it was agreed to stick to the tradition, but to introduce adjustments and innovations that would make it possible to hold it again. A new board was found. It set to work with the aim of inviting people to a new exhibition in Trubschachen in the summer of 2023.