Im Wandel der Zeit

Whereas the exhibition organisers used to transport the pictures and hang them on the wall themselves, from the 1990s onwards everything from transport to hanging was in professional hands. Many things became more complicated and time-consuming, but much remained the same. Thanks to the school, which accommodated the organisation, the exhibitions could continue to take place in the school buildings. The exhibition remained the work of amateurs. Often it was primary school teachers and art lovers who showed what was close to their hearts. And time and again, it was possible to find the many volunteers who were needed to make it happen. The 430 or so helpers who stood by in the cloakroom, operated the cash register, guarded the paintings, arranged the flowers, served in the coffee bar and looked after the shop created an atmosphere in which the art on display lost some of its aloofness. The unusual setting in which the Trubschachen art exhibition took place helped bring art into contact with people who would otherwise never have visited an art museum.