Ideas and objectives

Art depicts what drives us as human beings. It enriches and changes our perception. Walter Berger, founder of the Trubschachen art exhibition, was convinced of this. For him, art belonged to the holistic education of man. 

The teacher showed what he was most enthusiastic about. With high quality art, he wanted to awaken interest in art among his students and the village population. "Only the best is good enough if you want to hit a heart in the core" was one of his principles. 

His exhibitions took place "in the midst of life",. The paintings hung in the classrooms of the school building. The many volunteers who were needed to organize the exhibition automatically came into contact with art. Their involvement encouraged others to engage with art, even those who would never have entered an art museum. 

The "Trubschachen idea" of bringing art into the midst of life is fascinating. It shows how participation in cultural heritage can look and succeed.