Gründung des Kulturvereins

The teacher captivated with his picture descriptions and comments. Motivated by the good response, Walter Berger decided to venture an exhibition on a larger scale after the Hasenlehn schoolhouse had been built. The painter Fred Stauffer supported him, and Oscar J. Kambly, owner of the local biscuit factory, took over the deficit guarantee. 5,000 people visited the exhibition "Hodler and his Successors" in 1964, and the financial hole that had been feared did not materialise.

The first painting exhibition was followed by a second and a third. Walter Berger did not organise the exhibitions alone, but was dependent on help from the beginning. Werner Krähenbühl helped with the fourth and many other exhibitions. He was responsible for the art collection of the Confederation in the Department of Home Affairs and had good connections to museums and private collections. The exhibition organisers dedicated several exhibitions to individual parts of the country. For a long time, non-representational art hardly played a role. In the autumn of 1972, after the fifth edition had been successfully staged, those responsible decided to found the Cultural Association as the body responsible for all activities. All residents who helped with the exhibitions automatically became members of the cultural association.