Das Engagement der Familie Kambly

When Walter Berger died a year before the opening of the 10th exhibition, his patron Oscar J. Kambly paid tribute to him with the following words: "His aim was never to attract a huge audience, but to use high-quality examples of Swiss painting to awaken an understanding for art and the artists' concerns among a culturally ill-prepared population. Thanks to the highly appreciated guided tours and competent explanations, he succeeded in giving the visitors a lasting experience of art."

Inspired by the success of the exhibitions, which by now enjoyed a national reputation and were visited by federal and cantonal councillors, it was decided to continue. The commitment of the Kambly family was an indispensable support in the organisation. After the departure of the senior, the young company boss took over the presidency of the cultural association in the 1980s. Oscar A. Kambly shared Walter Berger's principles. He too saw art as a way to gain insights into himself and the world. With his network of contacts, he served as a door opener in many areas and guaranteed a smooth organisation.